Project Management

Our project management philosophy is driven by our dedication to customer service. Our product development and engineering staff will work closely with your creative team to clarify concepts, identify design issues and enhance advanced designs. The software technology we use, and our processes for integrating it into our production workflow, allows us to produce each item to rigorous specification with maximum efficiency.

Upon your review and approval of final design/shop drawings, we move your project into either production or prototyping. We will simultaneously look for at design and value-engineering possibilities prior to full scale production.

As a strategic partner, we'll contribute our experience and expertise every step of the way to ensure that all parties know exactly what to expect the from the moment an item enters production to the time it is packed and ready for shipment.

SSL will do everything necessary to guarantee your project is exactly what you ordered, delivered where you want it and arrives on time in perfect condition. Our ability to meet critical timelines and commitment to manage logistical challenges makes it seamless for our clients to complete projects in any country.


SSL has the expertise to provide value-driven, supply chain solutions for our customers; solutions that speak to your unique and specific needs and that support both your program cost and speed-to-market objectives. SSL evaluates all aspects of our supply chain and delivers the most cost-effective supply chain solutions on each and every project we manage

SSL combines manufacturing expertise with Global Sourcing. Our project management team integrates all potential aspects of your project to integrate a single solution opportunity. Our partners in wood flooring, hand or machine made carpeting, fabric and leather, stone, acrylic and glass can provide the highest quality with excellent value as part of a complete one-stop solution.